Business Sponsorships

Cobble Hill Kennel is looking to partner with local organizations to help support our race teams and promote your business. When we’re on the road racing, our dogs attract tons of attention. We have lots of interaction with fans giving us frequent opportunities to advertise our sponsors. Help us raise money to race in Wyoming, at the largest dogsled race south of Canada!

Business Sponsorship

Support our race team


  • Market your business at local, national, and international dogsled races, as well as at our kennel in New Haven, VT
  • Sponsor recognition on our website, instagram, and facebook accounts
  • Reach new audiences with dogs selling your product

Call Ben at 301-641-7945 or send us an email at to discuss advertising opportunities!

Our Sponsors

Cobble Hill Kennel is sponsored by Sportmix, high quality dog food for working dogs. We feed our dogs CanineX Chicken Meal and Vegetable Formula to give them the energy they need for long races. Reach out to us today for a CanineX free sample!

The Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies has been a key partner to Cobble Hill Kennel as we get our tour business off the ground. They provide essential help to start-ups and small businesses, giving them unfair advantages over the competition.

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