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Pretty Boy is one of our most emotional dogs. He loves people and is a drama queen for attention. But he’s smart – he’s trained to run in lead!

Mars is only two years old, young for a race dog but she’s doing great. She quickly rose above several veteran dogs because of her speed and strength – she’s bigger than many of our males!

Jackie is Doug’s main race leader, but she’s not racing this year because she just had puppies! She is the mother to Alpha and Omega, our two youngest sled dogs.

Princey is a super leader an one of our most affectionate dogs. Her eyes are also special – her left eye is a stunning mix of blue and brown. She’s definitely a cutie!

Chewy has become one of our most reliable leaders this year. He never gets bored up in front of the team and is always the first dog to complain when we stop running. He can’t get enough!

Boots is from the same litter as Pretty Boy, Chewy, and Macho. He’s the awkward brother of the bunch, but he’s still a great sled dog!

Opal is the best behaved dog in the whole kennel. She’s a sweetheart who gets along with everybody!

Garlic is likely the strongest dog in the kennel. He’s pure muscle and as a wheel dog, pulls the most weight of a sled.

Vicky is the old mom of the kennel. She’s mothered a few litters over the years, and has free reign of the kennel because she gets along with everybody!

Coors is a big excitable male who is learning to run in lead! He’s great at keeping the team straight but is still working on his commands. That is, unless he gets distracted by any girls!

At 11 years old, Hamburg is the oldest dog still running on a race team. He’s very shy, but his three kids Princey, Coors, and Freedom are all super athletes. Old Man Hamburg is a great sled dog in his own right!

Macho is one of four husky/pointer brothers. They’ve got more Alaskan Husky in them than most of our dogs, giving the brothers a unique look.

Alex is a two-year old, just like her sister Mars. She’s an incredibly athletic dog and really loves to run. She gets so excited for it and never gets tired!

Lucky Charm loves people – and cameras. She’s a little stubborn at times but runs beautifully. She’s been on the main race team for years now.

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