Our dogs love to race – they can’t get enough of it! They’re happiest on the road racing in all sorts of new and exciting places. But dogsledding is an expensive sport. It costs $300 to feed a sled dog for a year, and much more to cover vet visits, training, yard maintenance, and travel expenses. This year Doug and Ben are both entered in the Wyoming Pedigree Stage Stop Race, the largest dogsled race in the lower 48. It’s a fantastic opportunity for our dogs, but Cobble Hill Kennel is over 2,000 miles away from the race site. Sponsor a dog today to help Doug, Ben, and 28 sled dogs make the trip out west!

Feed a dog for a month

We feed our dogs high quality CanineX dog food mixed with meat. Sponsor a dog and cover their food costs for a month! Sponsors receive a thank you card from their dog and photo updates for the duration of their sponsorship.

1-Month Sponsorship


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Send a dog to Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is over 2,000 miles away from Middlebury, VT. Support our trip to the largest dogsled race south of Canada! Sponsor a main race dog and receive a thank you card, framed photo of your dog, Cobble Hill Kennel stickers, and photo updates of your dog throughout the entire race season.

Race Sponsorship


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Buy the dogs a round of treats

Make the dogs’ day by giving them some treats!

Box of treats for the kennel


Business Sponsorships

Sponsor one of New England’s top race teams and help us cover travel costs to compete in the Wyoming at the largest dogsled race in the continental US!

  • Market your business at local, national, and international dogsled races
  • Sponsor recognition on our website, instagram, and facebook accounts
  • Reach new audiences with dogs selling your product

Call Ben at 301-641-7945 to discuss how we can market your product

Business Sponsorship


Donate to the kennel

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